First International Trompet Competition - "Théo Charlier"

Brussels, October 31 to November 5, 2005

The contest was open to senior trumpet players, of any nationality, who has not reached the age of 30 on October30,  2005.

At registration closes on July 31, 2005, there were 44 officially registered candidates representing 20 nationalities.

From around the world they represented 20 countries: Germany (1), Australia (2), Belgium (7), Brazil (2), China (1) Croatia (1), Spain (4) United States (3) , Finland (1), France (7), United Kingdom (1), Hungary (2), Israel (1), Italy (2) Lithuania (1), Norway (1) Poland (1), Portugal (2 ), Russia (2), Switzerland (2).

Jury: Gabriele Cassone (Italy), Reinhold Friedrich (Germany), Fred Mills (US) President Pasi Pirinen (Finland), Guy Touvron (France) and for the final Jan van der Roost (Belgium).

Music Director of the competition: Dominique Bodart

Semifinalists: Ismaël Betancor (Spain), Bombrun Olivier (France), Fabio Brum (Brazil) Helseth Tine (Norway), Paravagna Paolo (Italy), Clément Saunier (France), Yuval Shapiro (Israel) and Tristram Williams (Australia ).

Finalists: Helseth Tine (Norway), Clément Saunier (France) and Tristram Williams (Australia).


First Prize, Grand Prix International Theo Charlier - the French Community Prize (€ 6,000): Clément Saunier (France)

Second Prize, the association Brass'Promotion Prize (€ 4500): Tine Helseth (Norway)

Third Prize, the Permanent Deputation of the Province of Namur Prize (3000 €): Tristram Williams (Australia)

• Special Prize awarded to the best performance of the compulsory work in the final, City Award Namur (1500 €): Clément Saunier (France)

• Special Prize awarded to the highest ranked Belgian candidate, Jean Darlier Prize (500 €): Danny Aerden

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